💰She.Financial was started by Amit Rathore, along with his friend Sairee Chahal. And I'm Kim Richards, helping with investor relations.🤓 I'm also an EIR with AwakeVC, and I'm building something for the new Clubhouse platform. 🔊👋

Email us at, we could be looking for you!

PS - and hey, join my telegram channel below!

PS - I was not an Internet marketer 😅, but I learn fast, after all this post-corona post-digital world is moving faster than ever, and I just launched Clubhouse Kim, a part of the global 💸 WinWin Networks, a new media platform company that's emerging from my recent work at Awake! ☀️

P.S. Why do I get my own page here?

Hunt for the 😼 secret pop-up show on Clubhouse called The Secret of Kim Richards, and if you are able to find and join before it fills, we'll not only pay you $1 for each person named Kim💰that you add to the secret room🔊, you might find out who Kim Richards really is! 🕵️